Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Kinda Oldie

In honor of it being Thursday and the new tradition of throwing things back, check out my story in Deimos Ezine from around two years ago. Providence was my first real work in Speculative Fiction, which really along with Fabulist tales, has become my genre of choice since I started (and finished) my MFA. Before I wasn't really sure what I was writing or where it fit in. I bounced around a lot as an undergrad from horror, to straight realism, to fantasy, without really knowing what to call myself or my work.
I'm not advocating, of course, for writers to box themselves in and only write to one genre, nothing else ever until the day they die, but I remember being really relieved to find, explore and write Speculative Fiction. Right before I entered the MFA I was worried that I would have to write only realism, slice of life, literary fiction. I kind of forced myself to do this piece on a forty year old man going through some kind of midlife crisis and it just didn't work for me. It was bad. But I was convinced that was what literature and real authors wrote. We go through a majority of our academic careers being exposed to very limited and very specific voices when it comes to literature. (Typically white, typically male, typically with money, typically dead and typically realistic in style.) It was a relief, and a godsend to my lit, to discover other avenues, other ways to tell a story, and the other voices that are available. It worked for me. I found that it was more entertaining, and it opened up a way to talk about social norms and politics in a way that wasn't too heavy handed.
Right now, I've got a lot of irons in the fire. Which means I'm just waiting, really. I finished a lot of fiction recently and I have about seven stories out for review, along with a poem or two and some queries about the novel and the fairy tale collection. So much of moving forward is waiting. Which is cool. Its quiet, and it always means there's something to look towards. Currently I'm writing a piece about a girl gone dead turned to doll, which is also pretty fun. Now that I have a fabulist collection put together, I'm thinking of getting back to some of my roots and working on a speculative one. Could be a good time and a good home for Providence, (kinda) old as it is.

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